André Amaral
Da janela lateral do quarto de dormir

Da janela lateral do quarto de dormir

Flash! AAA-aaaahhhhh….

Acabei de comprar um flash para minha câmera. Em fotos e testes em breve.
I’ve just bought a flashgun for my camera. Photos and tests coming soon. 

An extended version of the same song I’ve just posted. As their studio is in Winchester we thought it’d be a good idea to explore a bit of the road trip feeling of the day.

Live acoustic version of Dancing In The Dark, performed by the Part Time Heroes at their studio.
Shot and edited for Wah Wah 45s

Stitched Up - 5/5/2012

DJ Konvex at Vibe Bar

Barcelona, Spain. Jan 2012

Barcelona, Spain. Jan 2012

These boots were made for walking and that’s just what they’ve done.

Newquay, May 2011

Lamp found on the street + free time + 1st attempt with an airbrush.
A LOT to progress technically but it was good good fun 

The dawn of a new day in London’s East End in early January 2012

great blog

Well thank you very much!

Now that I’ve got a bit more time in my hands to actually go out and take some pictures I should update it more often.

WAH WAH 45s 2/2

WAH WAH 45s 1/2